DIY installation possible


Water Use Monitors


Information is power - know how much water you use - and what it costs - in almost real time.


No more waiting for the bill and then getting an expensive shock.


Thinking - if only I had known -  well now you can - from only NZ$240 !

AM310 -  Water Use Monitor  -  (DIY installation possible)

The AM310 in house Water Use Monitor allows you to see how much water you are using in real time and its cost.  The information is shown as daily, weekly and four weekly consumption and cost,  and is displayed on the wireless Control Panel. The AM310 also has an alarm to alert you if you exceed a preset amount, and an alarm if non stop flow is detected over a 24 hour period, indicating a leak. Perfect for making sure you always know how much water you are using and its approximate cost.
• Simple DIY installation
• Designed to plug into most bullet style water meters (eg Elster V100)
• Powered by long life AA alkaline 9v batteries. (supplied)
• Displays consumption and dollar cost in almost real time - 10 minute delay.
• Displays daily, weekly and 4 weekly consumption and $ cost
• Can be synchronised to water meter to display meters actual reading
   - no more opening a dirty ground box to read the meter.
• User programmable Excess Consumption alarm
• Slow Leak alarm​
• Low battery warning alarm
• Internal and external temperature display
• Radio Signal Strength indication on display
The AM310 will work with any Water Meter that has a compatible pulse output - look at the chart and photos below to identify your water meter and then select that type of meter when you purchase in the online store.
As a tip - the Elster or Kent V100 is the most common meter in VIC, NSW, ACT, NT and regional WA and regional QLD.
The second most common meter is the Dial Face meter by RMC - if you have one of these, make sure it has a slot in the glass meter face where the pickup sensor can be mounted.
The Itron Plastic meter by Actaris is being rolled out in Brisbane and Perth but there still many homes in those areas with Elster V100's. 
There are many different meter styles, If you cannot see your meter on the list - please take a clear photo of the face of your meter, note any model details and email it to sales@aquatrip.com. We will investigate and supply you with a quote for a custom system.

Identify your meter from the photos below 

Elster V100 (also called Kent)

Also called the Bullet style meter, it is easily identifiable by the single row of numbers in a window on top of the meter.


They come in various sizes (20/25mm & 40mm shown below) and may be plain brass or painted green, blue or some other colour. 

RMC Dial Face meters

Identifiable by the glass face and up to five sets of dials on the face.


Please ensure that the meter has a recess in the face where the sensor can be located.

Itron Meter by Actaris

This is usually a plastic meter with a brass base. It is most likely to be found in Brisbane, Ipswich and Perth.