Agricultural and rural properties are often affected by drought and water shortages. Make sure you protect the valuable resources on your property by isolating and protecting the areas where water could be lost to leaks or plumbing failures. AquaTrip has systems which can be installed to minimise water loss and prevent precious supplies being wasted.

Irrigation Systems

Protect long irrigation lines by monitoring them for leaks or pipe bursts when water is not meant to be flowing. If Silentech detects any flow outside of the normal irrigation time, the line will be shut off. But when the irrigation turns on for normal irrigation, the Aquatrip will open the line and allow normal flow. Once the irrigation turns off, monitoring will once again take place. If flow is still detected the supply will again be shut down till the start of the next cycle. Huge water savings can be made here.

Older Heritage Buildings

Many older buildings have aging plumbing fixtures which are likely to leak and cause damage over time.  Installation of AquaTrip monitoring systems will quickly identify leaks as they occur and can help to minimise damage which may have otherwise gone unnoticed until it was too late. 

Cattle and

Livestock Troughs

Cattle and livestock water troughs supplied via float valve or ball valve often fail due to livestock interference and heavy use, resulting in wastage of scarce water, especially in drought affected areas.

Water Tanks

If you live in a remote or drought stricken area and your rainwater tank is your main source of drinking water. It makes sense to protect it.  If a tap is left running or an unknown leak occurs, the resulting loss of water could drain the tank dry, often burning out the pump. An AquaTrip Leak Detector can help reduce the chance of this happening. 

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AquaTrip is a permanently installed Leak Detection System with an integrated automatic Shutoff Valve.

It functions as a Water Trip Switch, constantly monitoring all the plumbing pipes, fittings and water using appliances on the property.


If it detects a leak, a tap left running or some other plumbing failure, it will shut off the water automatically, to minimise water damage, prevent excess water bills and save water.


You can easily turn the water back on when required.

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